Z&C Logistica was founded in January 1996 as a small business consulting company engaged in the transport field, choosing to use a term, logistics, not so much in use at the time, showing immediatelly an avant-garde character. Z&C's main focus is aimed at the ever-growing Eastern and Middle-Eastern markets, and time has showed this was the right choice as the company has been working successfully for the last two decades. Ten years after its foundation, an important turning point happened: the company decided to focus its attention, always targeted to the industrial sector, to medium-large organizations, to power plants, and to areas such as engineering and the energy field instead. Z&C thus grew, expanding its business relationships with customers and suppliers, thanks to a strong, firm and dynamic team, able to offer tailored solutions, totally at the customer's service. Our company developed its own corporate philosophy over time: well-grounded and yet innovative, based on the search for new solutions, on synergistic business relationships, know-how investments in a variety of sectors, at the same time taking advantage of its expertise. This allows us to professionally transport all kinds of goods. Our growth was made possible by our customers' trust, which is in turn tantamount to providing us the opportunity to implement our own solutions, showing the flawless care and professionalism distinguishing every Z&C cargo project. The company currently operates in dozens of countries, and is able to provide a complete and detailed service both under the technical and documental aspects.

Project & Forwarding

Z&C is composed by two divisions: “Forwarding” and “Project Cargo”. The first one is the basic industry of the company and is focused on standard, mega and groupage truck service. The latter, on the other hand, deals with special transports, cranes, heavy-lift projects and more complex preliminary studies involving one or more support activities. Z&C looks for innovative solutions for new markets on a daily basis. The customers' trust enabled our company to create an international network able to meet every shipping need. The company is also opening to new business opportunities, putting together its mature know-how and well-grounded experience in the logistics field to better cooperate with its partners and be competitive in different countries. This is how Z&C can accurately single out the most suitable technical solution for each transportation need.


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